Family Visions Services, Inc.

About Us

Family Visions is committed to become an active participant in the delivery of quality-oriented training and services for the Intellectually Disadvantaged and Special Needs population in the Central Valley Area. Family Visions, with professionally trained educators will be teaching the following objectives:
Teaching the client new skills based on the                    Individual Service Plan.
Provide training by experienced In- home Educators     in order to effectively follow the ISP.
Teaching clients using current events, technology,       and Educator’s experience in order to better teach         the client.
Provide opportunities where clients can express           personal concerns as it relates to the ISP or method     of training.
To provide supportive services and advocacy when       appropriate.
Introduce clients to community resources, family         services, and recreational activities for the family.
Implement quality measures by periodic monitor           visits, to identify problems in the delivery of ISP or     training problems with Educator or Client.
Maintain accurate records of visits, concerns,               communications between CVRC-Counselors,          Clients, and Educators.
Program Curriculum

Social Skills Training and Development

This program is designed primarily for
adults that lack or have not developed
social skills.

Communication Skills

This program will identify thru the ISP
reasons why a client has not developed
a method of communication.

Hygiene and Grooming Skills

Another important area is teaching the
client the importance of maintaining a
healthy and clean body.

Household Chores and Home Maintenance

Adults can benefit in learning and developing
the skills of maintaining a clean and organized

Meal Preparation and Nutrition

The goal of this program is bi-fold:
(1) to teach the client of some easy and fun
ways of preparing meals for themselves or
the family.
(2) to teach the importance of good nutrition

Medication Management

This goal is designed to teach the client the
importance of taking medication as needed.

IEP Advocacy and support

If the client is a parent the Educator can
encourage the client to participate in their
children’s education, or it can be requested
by the parent or CVRC-Counselor.

Safety and Survival

The purpose of this program will be to prepare
the family in the event of a natural disaster, the
acquirement of a first aid kit, learn to use a fire
distinguisher, have a family emergency plan.

Community Resources

The goal of our program to provide the client
to resources which are available to the families.

Money Management

Family Visions will be able to teach clients the
importance of money management It includes
learning how to use a calculator, and methods
of figuring out tax on items bought.

Parenting Support

If the client is a parent, our trained Educator will
provide ideas to the client on how to effectively
teach positive discipline to their children. Learn
how to communicate effectively to their children,
and how to create opportunities for dialogue.